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EVERY SCAR HAS A STORY's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[03 Dec 2010|05:23am]

[ mood | Subjunctive ]

My friend Dwight had a really great brain surgeon who took the tumor out of his head with very little ill effect.

Cancer got him anyway, but'twasn't the piece in his head.

I miss him every day.

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Scar Fetish [07 Aug 2006|03:30pm]

This might be one of the weirder posts you people get here, so if it offends anyone please let me know. I'll remove the post as soon as possible then.

For as long as i can remember, I've always had a secret love for scars. Being it when i was a kid and woke up with chickenpox and scratched one of them so it left a big round scar on my chest. Or being it the big scar on my left knee when i fell playing soccer at the age of 12. I used to be a cutter a few years ago and don't like to think back of that part of my life, but still enjoy looking at them on and off, since I've pretty much shut that chapter of my life. Thing is ... i really love scars, find them beautiful, showing some kind of life-experience people have and like to touch them on others, seeing how the person reacts to it. My last partner used to have her left arm full of intentional scars, some of them being pretty deep/wide. I usually don't like the stories behind them, as they're usually full of pain and negative experiences and would NEVER want a person to create a scar speficially for me. Big/surgical scars are usually a turn-off for me.

Okay, this reads kind of as a coming out, even tho I usually tell people i have this kink. Anyways the reason of this post is ... I know I love scars, but never took myself the time to figure out why and doing so in the past led me nowhere. Maybe you can give me some impulses on "where to look" since i guess the reasons can vary very much from person to person.

Thanks for taking your time.
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ewww... [31 Mar 2005|08:59am]

[ mood | content ]

my friend showed me the scar on his shoulder from some surgery he had..and it seriously looks like female sexual parts..lol..its kind of really gross..so we decided that we are going to the beach or pool and walk around together and show the world our awesome and all around disgusting scars..lol. ok..i know this is random but my wiener dog is sleeping and he looks so cute! heres a pic of him:
anyway--have an awesome day..and i have a question: ok..my scars get really itchy and i wake up at night scratching them..what do you guys do to help with this? thanks for the advise!

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im new! [28 Mar 2005|01:12pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

why hello there--im new to this community. my name is emma, im 16 and im a kansas-kid..life would be better here if i didnt live so close to missouri..anyway..i have a bunch of awesome scars from this gruesome car accident i was in..if any one wants to know the totally list of injuries just ask..i dont want to just list them right off the bat cuz that'll take up WAY too much space! um..my favourite one is the one going up my chest:
i just really wanted to think of some creative way to excuse the scar..ive already used that i fell out of a hot air balloon and that i was attacked by a polar bear in the west indies..the stories can be as creative and goofy as you want..we all know the truth is just too freakin boring! so enjoy..i have more pictures of the scars if you want them=) ciao!

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[10 Dec 2004|05:45pm]

Hello lovelies!

I have a very exciting scar/art contest going on right now. the contest is this: WHO CAN MAKE THE PRETTIES AND MOST EXCITING DESIGN OUT OF A GROSS SCAR ON MY HAND?

Please follow this link, and I would really like it if you participated. :)
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New [06 Aug 2004|09:24am]

[ mood | cold ]

Hey, I'm a new member so I wanted to say hi and tell everyone alittle bit about myself. I am 14 years old..I live in Portage,Indiana..I have been a Self-Harmer since the age of 6.Yes, 6 I would pick at my scabs and just scratch myself when I was sad. Over the years my "illness" has progressed...When I was 12 I cut myself for the first time..and ever since I have been trying to overcome it. My most reccent experience was on June 8th. I cut clear down to the bone..As a result i have lost feeling in a little patch of my arm.

If anyone wants to contact me my s/ns are:
AIM- sweetapathyxx
Yahoo- sid_nancy_7879

I don't know if this is allowed but i have some pictures of what i have done.
If it isn't allowed let me know and i will remove them.
**** These pictures are not too graphic meaning they involve no blood and no open wounds****

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[10 Feb 2004|08:12am]

i actually have a question in reguards to scars--

what are some good scar-go-away ointments?
i put vitamin E on mine but i dont even know if that helps...


how long after you've been cut is too long to start treating it with scar-go-away stuff?
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Hi, I am new here. [15 Dec 2003|12:11pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Well I don't have any pictures of my scars right now but I should take some. I have scars from being stabbed, I have 2 scars on my back and one on my hip, from being stabbed by an abusive boyfriend.

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[07 Sep 2003|12:40am]

i have scars pretty much all over me. from falling on a brick fire place to skateboard and bmxing to cutting myself, im all scar up, i heard theres this special 'ointment' to get rid of it though.. but i have no idea what its called.

but yeah.. my scars lead from my legs up all the way to my forehead, probably like some of you people have too. alrighty, i thought id just say that, later! <3
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army of me. [31 Mar 2003|02:11am]

sorry to gross you nice folks out, but here is my arm sans my three pins and bandages. does anyone have tips on healing deep wounds? these things went to the bone, ya know.

any help would be greatly appreciated... also ideas on how to work out the atrophy would be bliss.
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[30 Mar 2003|05:11pm]

[ mood | okay ]

*waves* I'm new here.. I have tons of scars but my most recent ones are from a spinal fusion I had for Scoliosis about 10 months ago. Here's a picture.

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pinning for you! [29 Mar 2003|11:23pm]

[ mood | amused ]


i had ALL THREE of my pins taken out with pliers yesterday. i turned away while jason watched the grusome affair. my arm is horribly atrophied and all the hair is growing under the skin now... i've been pulling them out one by one with tweezers. it's great........... NEVER BREAK YOUR ARM!

today was the first day my arm has been in the shower with me in many weeks. you just keep on staring at the holes remembering they go straight to the bone as you try not to flex your wrist at all.

oh yeah! i got to keep a pin too! here it is freshly scanned.

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Holes [27 Mar 2003|03:06pm]
[ mood | holy ]

I don't have any pictures just little scared fingers that can type my wonderful scar story.

When I was two I was sitting on a tree stump and fire ants crawled up my legs leading themselves up to my hands. They ate through my skin causing small little indentions on my fingers and legs. Nothing to big but I've three small indention on my left hand ring finger and slightly bigger indention on my right leg. Pretty good work for a small set of fire ants if I do say so myself.

My memory isn't scared but my body sure is.

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my left arm. [02 Mar 2003|02:02am]

[ mood | awake ]

my left arm. you can make out the pins but not really the break lines or fracture because this is a copy of a copy of a digital x-ray i got on friday. my radius is in three pieces.
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One of my scars [13 Feb 2003|02:38pm]


I got this from when my brother and I were playing poker I won his swiss army knife but he refused to give it up so I tryed to take it away from him which is a bad idea...I didn't feel it go into me until I saw it stick out of my arm...in others words "gambling is bad!"
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Newbie [15 Dec 2002|03:46am]

[ mood | flirty ]

Hi. I am new here and found this community from a friend. I don't have photographs now but have scars to share.
(1) Scar across my nose from running into a screen door as a tot.
(2) Broke my arm in three places and have a surgury scar running the whole of my forearm.
I'll post more once I get my webcam back.

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[29 Nov 2002|01:48am]
Never posted pics before but felt like it tonight
sorry for cross posting
not as deep as i liked but this is a few hours afterwards
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New girl in town.... [01 Oct 2002|07:54pm]

Hi. This community seems awesome. I dont mean to sound extra lame, but my scars (and there are alot of them) are relatively new. Last year I was battling a rare disease and the doctors messed up and put me on a high dose of steroids. Consequently, I blew up about 80 pounds in 2 days, leaving me chock full of stretch marks all over. Its still hard to admit. Its so hard for me. I hide them from everyone. Even this summer I avoided shorts and skirts and such. I guess I wanted to join to try and get over this.
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my scar-to-be [07 Sep 2002|09:06pm]


yep yep. =D
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Scars from my latest depress-y teenage headcase episode [03 Sep 2002|08:01pm]

[ mood | refreshed ]

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