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im new!

why hello there--im new to this community. my name is emma, im 16 and im a kansas-kid..life would be better here if i didnt live so close to missouri..anyway..i have a bunch of awesome scars from this gruesome car accident i was in..if any one wants to know the totally list of injuries just ask..i dont want to just list them right off the bat cuz that'll take up WAY too much space! um..my favourite one is the one going up my chest:
i just really wanted to think of some creative way to excuse the scar..ive already used that i fell out of a hot air balloon and that i was attacked by a polar bear in the west indies..the stories can be as creative and goofy as you want..we all know the truth is just too freakin boring! so enjoy..i have more pictures of the scars if you want them=) ciao!
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April 16 2010, 04:09:06 UTC 6 years ago

Fuck! This is sexy.