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Hey, I'm a new member so I wanted to say hi and tell everyone alittle bit about myself. I am 14 years old..I live in Portage,Indiana..I have been a Self-Harmer since the age of 6.Yes, 6 I would pick at my scabs and just scratch myself when I was sad. Over the years my "illness" has progressed...When I was 12 I cut myself for the first time..and ever since I have been trying to overcome it. My most reccent experience was on June 8th. I cut clear down to the bone..As a result i have lost feeling in a little patch of my arm.

If anyone wants to contact me my s/ns are:
AIM- sweetapathyxx
Yahoo- sid_nancy_7879

I don't know if this is allowed but i have some pictures of what i have done.
If it isn't allowed let me know and i will remove them.
**** These pictures are not too graphic meaning they involve no blood and no open wounds****

the underside of my left forearm ( 6-8-04)

topside of my left fore arm ( the thickest scar is the one that went to the bone) ~6-8-04~

side view of my left forearm (6-8-04)

Various marks on my thigh

use me as you wish

Painfully Beautiful

And I'm done ta-da
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