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Hi, I am new here.

Well I don't have any pictures of my scars right now but I should take some. I have scars from being stabbed, I have 2 scars on my back and one on my hip, from being stabbed by an abusive boyfriend.
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stabbed?! i hope youre ok! i hope there are no permanent issues from it..did you have internal booboos from the stabbings? the guy better be in jail! ill beat him with my titanium leg..either way..when did this happen? god..i understand youre pain...i'll pray for you! god bless
I'm okay now, and no permanent issues. a few emotional ones, but none that lasted. No internal bleedings. He is in jail, but he's been released a couple times since the incident. But he's back in jail for attacking me a couple of months okay...the stabbing incident happened over 7 years ago.
that's fantastic to hear that youre good..i understand what its like to heal from major injuries..but wow..the emotional damage..i'm very sorry. i hope that youve had support from family..i'll still pray for you=)